We were the first ones of the lower level on the ferry and drove about 5 miles to the North Sydney KOA for a two night stay.


After buying ice for our broken refrigerator we went for breakfast at the Cedar Restaurant and Bakery a pleasant local establishment
After breakfast we drove down to Baddick ,Nova Scotia and the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Center. Bell was born in Scotland, immigrated to Canada and then became  a U. S. Citizen. He bought a summer home in Baddick that reminded him of his native Scotland. His family still owns the property and frequents the Center.
Below is the view from the Center looking out across the Bay. The Bell Summer Home is on the far side near that light house.

While the telephone s his greatest achievement he was involved with other scientific breakthroughs still in use today. After listening to a talk and viewing the exhibits I had a feeling that Bell's behavior was very familiar. I told the interpretive Ranger that based on what I had been reading Bell appeared to be A. D.H.D. The interpreter indicated that they believed that as well and that family members also believed that to be true  and indicated that it still ran in their family. Welcome to my world or me to his.

The next day August 4th we drove 50 miles east to the historic recreated French Village known as The Fortress of Louisberg. The village was rebuilt by  Parks Canada. It is run and staffed by local people in period costume who work for Parks Canada. I had a nice talk with the bread bakers and we of course bought their authentic period bread and rolls. Not a lot just enough for a snack during our tour. Needed salt but I guess back in the day they didn't have as much as we do now.
        Fortress of LouisbergThe recreated Village
        within the fortBlacksmith

Reading off the crimesCannon firing

We finished the day at the Beggars Banquet an interesting meal with entertainment that really didn’t mimic a beggars banquet of the time period with modern music and reasonably good food the lobster was superb the rest of the meal was pretty pedestrian. Unfortunately we had to dress the part.

Debby and Charlie
        in costumeThe Beggars banquet stage