On Saturday the 28th we drove about 88 miles to Pippy Park Campground located in a very nice Town Park in St Johns, Newfoundland

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We parked the trailer and went for a walk around a pond called Long Pond. We had planned to take a shorter trail but turned the wrong way. Not that we got lost but it was longer then we had planned to walk although worth it since we found Harmony Park. A cute little park within a park with musical chimes and stuff.   These musical exhibits actually worked  and were dedicated to the Kelly Family who settled and farmed the area that became the park

Musical Exibitsplaque to kelly

The next day we drove to Signal Hill the location of Marconi’s reception of a wireless signal from Europe. According to the science of the day a line of sight signal from Europe should not have reached Marconi. Luck, intuition I don’t know but eventually the ionosphere which explained the phenomenon was discovered by subsequent investigation. In essence  the signal bounces of the ionosphere and is picked up where it hadn’t ought to be. I have often gotten radio stations from farther then expected because of the bounce.
Signal Hill from Town HarborSignal Hill
Signal Hill from the town harbor and from the parking lot below the hill

gun emplacments protecting the harborGun
            emplacemts protecting the harbor

The next day we walked downtown and back  by way of the Rennie's River trail about 7 miles in all. It was a nice walk but downtown was sort of disappointing even the jelly bean houses weren’t impressive. Houses painted in all sorts of color originally

 painted that way so fisherman would spot them in the fog.  They have become like the town signature.
Rennies river traiJelly Bean Housesjelly bean houses

And then there is the lone art deco building
Art Deco Building