We drove up a rough coastal road with  gorgeous scenery to a nice town owned and run campground called Outside Pond. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into our site. There was insufficient turning space to back into the it. Fortunately the Campground staff  allowed us to go into an overflow with water and 20 amp service not that our assigned site had more. We set up and walked down the hill to get on their internet as we had no other internet or phone service.

Outside Pond

The Internet was slow so although I was able to make one web phone call we stopped using it and went for a walk around the pond, stopping along the way to talk to the local couple who ran Brenda's Chip Wagon.

Brenda's Chip

On Friday July 27,2018 we drove back South to the Hearts Content Cable Station. Unknowingly we had planned or visit on the 168 Anniversary of the Transatlantic Cable coming ashore in 1858. Talk about a game changer the Transatlantic Cable actually changed the world. Instead of messages from Europe taking weeks to cross by boat it only took minutes to send an
electrical Morse Code signal. The Station was originally run by hydro electricity. Water high on the hill overlooking town was piped down through turbines. Water coming out the bottom was provided to the people in town through 6 hydrants. Prior to that the town had no fresh water.  As you can see this is the only  drinking water hydrant left, water flows out all the time.

drinking water hydrent
MonumentHearts Content Cable

 In 1965 the Western Union Company locked the door, gave the key to the Provincial Government leaving all the equipment intact and walked away. With amazing foresight the Provincial Government planned to make it into a museum and today it is the only remaining intact Cable Station in the world.


After our tour and some anniversary refreshments we drove back to Winterton to visit the Wooden Boat Museum where they are keeping wooden boat building alive.
                    BoatBoat building

After our tour of the museum we returned to the campground and discovered we had three new neighbors in overflow. For a short while I thought we would be blocked but it didn’t happen.

That evening we walked down to the Brenda's Chip Wagon and had dinner of fried Cod, French fries and poutine. Poutine is actually French fries , cheese curds and gravy. Brenda is a recently retired Lab Tech in her first year as an entrepreneur.  Since the sun had come out by then we ate at table next to the shack and then returned to our trailer the long way around the pond. It's a shame Winterton is so far away because I don't think I have ever had better fried fish. The next morning we drove to Pippy Park Campground in St Johns.