On Tuesday we drove to Bay Bluffs and O'brien’s tour boats.  The boat goes out into the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve home to  the largest Atlantic Puffin Colony in North America and countless other seabirds including Common Murre, Black Legged Kittiwake and Razor Bill Auk but don't ask me to identify which is which.

Atlantic Puffin our boatleaving the dockleaving the dock

The boat  ride was pretty bouncy but we did see one  whale that hung around and entertained us and of course sea birds as well as the gorgeous coastline
whalewhalewhale fins

coastlinerock islandsmaller rock island

The Birds

Birds on rockbirds


birdsnesting puffins

puffin afloatpuffin in flight

From the boat we drove to Cape Spear. Cape Spear is the most easterly point of Canada and except for Greenland the most easterly of North America.
It was quite crowded so we parked about a half mile away and walked up the hill, no big deal. The original lighthouse was built in 1835 and in 1955 the Fresnel lens was transferred to a new concrete tower.
Visitors often see icebergs, whales and birds form that location
but we didn't see any wildlife

view from below Cape Spear lighthouse

We looked at the exhibits in the visitors center  and continued up to the  original lighthouse which is a National Historic site and was undergoing renovation when we were there
 but I did find the ubiquitous red Adirondack chairs to sit in 
Original LighthouseMe in red adirondack chair

 During the Second World War the area was also the site of a gun battery whose structures including some rusting guns are still in place.
Gun BatteryReady Room

We returned to the trailer for a snack and went for gas and groceries

On Wednesday we left Pippy Park and drove back west to Sunset RV in Argentia about a mile from the Nova Scotia ferry. The campground is in a industrial park on the site of a World War Two US Naval base were our Sister in Laws father had been stationed during the war. We took a brief walk and saw some of the old bunkers.
Argentia picnic area

 The next day we drove down to the terminal to take the ferry back to Nova Scotia.  Prior to entering the Ferry area we were required to drive through a truck wash. Since we were early we went into the ferry terminal and toured an exhibit about the World War Two US Navel Base
The Americans ArriveDisplay case
In addition to our Sister IN Laws father Victor Mature was also station there and many entertainers came with the USO to entertain the troops I don't recognize any of them although the guy on the right looks like Sinatra but description didn't mention him.
Entertainers in Argentia

We had arrived in Newfoundland on July 4 after a 7 hour crossing from North Sidney. Argentina on the other hand requires a 14 hour crossing to a North Sydney, Nova Scotia. We took a State room for the 14 hour crossing and slept on chairs in the lounge for the shorter crossing to
Port Au Basque when we came to Newfoundland