Heading East from Las Vegas in April 2017

AS you can see we made quite a few stops including Spacecraft for renovations and Forest City,IA for a new paint job on the trailer  before heading to Florida where we planned to Winter and look for a condominium for the next phase of our lives.

Eventually I will write something about several of these stops and possibly create separate pages for them. From time to time I may add some pictures and stories to this page.

Zion National Park ,UT 4/25
ST George, UT 4/29
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT 5/1
Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT  5/4
Escalante Petrified Forest National Park,UT 5/7
Torrey Utah 5/10
Moab, Utah  5/13
Salt Lake City, UT 5/21
Rawlings, Wyoming 5/26
Ogallala, Nebraska 5/27
Gretna KOA ? 5/28
Spacecraft. Concordia, MO 5/30 through 6/12
Wispering Oaks 6/13
CDI, Forest City IA 6/14
Three Finger CG Forest City , IA
St Paul's East, MN 6/23
DeForest WI, KOA 6/28
Sand Creek, Chesterton ,IN 7/5
Streetsboro KOA, Ohio 7/8
Fort Bellafonte KOA PA 7/10
Mahlon Dickerson, Morristown NJ 7/11
Croton Point Park, Westchester . NY 7/13
Returned to Florida 11/9