Shoshone, California

  Back a few months when I was trying to work out an itiniery for our trip to Arizona and the Escapade I focused on  two locations in the approach to Death Valley. Both locations Tecopa springs and Shoshone shared the same ecosystem as Death Valley. It might have made more sense to go Shoshone but the natural hot springs in Tecopa Springs had a greater draw for me. I was raised by an imigrant dad who liked the  "shvits" meaning sweat in Yiddish. We were introduced to it early in our lives as a result I developed an appreciation for hut tubs especially natural hot springs. Tecopa Springs had them but Shoshone didn't. What Shoshone had was drinking water which Tecopa Springs didn't. Under normal circumstances we would based ourselves in Shoshone have driven over for the day as we did for China Rance but the County Baths were open 24 hours a day and although I didn't go often the appeal was too great to pass up. So even with our fresh water holding tanks it made sense to take the trailer and go to Shoshone. We left Tecopa Springs on March 6, 2017 and drove about 11 miles to the Shoshone RV Park.

Distance From Signdistance from signs

Distance from signsDistance From Sign

ShoshoneShoshone Trailer park

Shoshone RV Park

Trailer between treesguaged tree

As you can see I guaged the tree with the trailer but the bark is so soft I didn't damage anything but the tree

After setting up we went into town and visited the Shoshone Museum

Shoshone MuseamShoshone MuseamShoshone Museam

                            after the museum visit we walked around town and returned to the campgThe round and walked on a trail in the campground where we saw ducks and Shoshone pupfish

trailducks in Shoshone pup fish pondpond
The Shoshone pupfish, supposedly a fish found nowhere else in the world  a large one is only about 2 and half inches long males are iridescent blue and females yellow brown most live less then 2 years.
The desert pupfish lives in isolated pools and streams in this area of the Mohave desert. Declared extinct in 1970 they were re discovered in the mid 80's

The next day we walked on several man made trails in the desert opposite the campground returned had breakfast ,packed up and hooked up

TrailsDebby of the trail

and drove  to cemetary and Dublin Gulch where miners carved dwellings in the caliche clay embankment. After which we left California and drove to the Prefered RV Resort in Pahrump, Nevada.
That evening we went to dinner at the Symphony Restaurant which is attached to a desert winery and has it's own helicopter pad. When the economy was better high rollers whould come over for dinner from Las Vegas a short distance away. this was not our first visit as we had camped in the adjoining campground originally owned by the owners brother.
historic districthistoric district foot traffic only

Mine entranceMiners home

Miners roomsminers rooms

Debby looking into door panelthe left the inner springs