In 1942 a homesick U.S. Army G.I. Carl K. Lindley of Danville, Il of Company D, 341st Engineers working on the Alcan Highway in Watson Lake, Canada erected a sign pointing the way and stating the mileage to his hometown. Others followed his lead and are still doing it today creating a signpost forest. On our way home we stopped and walked through the forest. I have created a web slide show to try and give you a taste of what the forest looks like. Some of the pictures provide a general perspective while others are of individual signs that tweaked my interest because of their location such as:

Paramus, NJ

The South Bronx

a license plate that says Brooklyn, NY

Delaware Watergap

Billings, Montana where I went to the clinic and which isn't far from where my grandson was born in Missoula,MT

LAX Maintenance shop near Richard and close to where we camped at Dockweiler

Marshalltown, IA where my daughter in laws father lives

Philadelphia, PA where my late daughter in laws family is from

I was in the Army with somebody from North Tonawanda, NY

Harlingen, TX where a sick friend lives (our thoughts are with her for a complete and speedy recovery)

Taughannock Falls where we camped with the kids

People from Israel and Monsey New York were here as well

and somebody from Oradell, NJ

We visited Padre Island and Terlinqua (near Big Big Bend NP) two winters back

A New Jersey License Plate

People from a kibbutz and others with Jewish stars on their signs

The sign from Westport could be from Connecticut where my daughter and her husband live

Some friends of ours pointing to their Florida license plate

and finally an Escapee who attended the Escapade in 1996

To see the slide show click here