That morning we walked on a lovely beach with an overcast sky. We left Arrawarra for South West Rocks 145km 87mi and stopped for coffee at the Bellingen Shire welcome center. When we returned to the van it wouldn't start. Eventually I held the cables down while Debby started the van. We didn't stop or make any other side trips that day. When we got to South West Rocks we pulled into the campground parked in our site and headed for the beach for our walk to eliminate our frustration. On our way out we met the Wagon Master and gave him our keys.

When we returned we found that he and one of the other group members had fixed our starting problems. This time it took and we had no more mechanical problems during the rest of the trip.

The beach was fantastic the best one we had yet seen. The water looked crystal clear and I should have but didn't go for a swim. The next day was sunny but cooler and windier so I didn't go into the water. I did try the hot tub or Spa as they call it. They say it is heated from 12 to 3 but if that was heated I would hate to be in it when it was cold.

The next day we walked to the historic Trial Bay Goal which reminded me of the Yuma jail. During the first world war it was used for German resident's some who were citizens of Australia.

After our tour we rode with one of our tour group to the lighthouse

after which he dropped us in town and we returned to the campground by way of the beach.

That night we had a group cookout with food provided by the wagon Masters followed by our usual briefing.

Fortunately the Magpies didn't steal our dinner.

and in the morning on my way to the toilet I passed a neighbor