In the United States several States only have two seasons Summer and construction. Well Australia isn't much different; although it was Spring we came across and had our trip delayed by road repair crews. Australia's transcontinental highway is a mostly two lane road one in each direction with ocassional passing lanes that they call overtaking lanes. These roads go through towns and speed limits are reduced accordingly. Near some of the larger towns like Brisbane and Sydney there are motorways more like our devided highways. While we were driving we came accross a number of wide loads coming in the opposite direction. Some with just a pilot car leading required moving to the left and caution others had a police escort and those required us to pull over and stiop on the shoulder.



The state of Queensland has a number of rest stops with toilets and free coffee called driver reviver stops. signs all along the highway remind people to stop and rest periodically in order to arive safely at their destination. On the trip from Mackay to Yappoon 362km 224mi we also came across several small gage railroads which were used for hauling sugar cane.

Some times they had a tracter pulling the cane cars and other times a diesel engine. All the above roads are part of the transcontinental system. It isn't I80 or I95 it isn't even the legendary Route 66 although it is close.

On this trip we stopped for an optional side trip to Capricorn Caves. Even though these were dry caves they provided water for trees that normally thrive in wetter climates. The trees send down long roots to capture the water and form sort of an oasis in the otherwise desert climate. The caves had a cathedral like room where Marci Krause a traveling compnion sang for the tour group.




Upon arrival at our campground we went for a walk on the beach and came accross a bridal party that was there for a wedding. the bride's father a musician told me it was only the second time in his life he was wearing a suit. On our way back to the campground we passed the bride who was arriving on horseback.


That evening the wagon masters provided a fried fish dinner with dessert for the group.