We left Queenstown and drove to Wanaka 114km 69mi.. Shortly after leaving Queenstown we visited Arrow a small quaint community that at one time was home to Chinese miners brought over to work the gold mines. The Chinese were mainly men from poor provinces in China who came hoping to earn enough to return home with some degree of wealth. While the only building standing was the store, New Zealand has recreated some of the buildings from photos and other archeological evidence.


We finished our visit by walking through the modern town and it's many stores. Debby bought some jewelry and we bought some coffee before moving on. Shortly after leaving we passed the site where bungy jumping started but since neither of us was interested in trying it we drove on and stopped at Meg's Roaring

before continuing passed the 45 th parallel (halfway between the equator and the south pole) to the Puzzle House on the outskirts of Wanaka.

The above picture is a mural located between the men's and ladies rest rooms it was quite realistic.

At the Puzzle House we went into a maze where we had to find our way to the four differently colored towers located at the corners of the maze and then find our way out. We were there for about an hour and a half before we finally found our way out.

We followed this frustrating but fun experience with a visit to the illusion rooms which contained holograms, masks with eyes that followed us around and some strange rooms where up was down and down was up and one side was shorter then the other even though it looked level.We left the puzzle house and drove through town to the campground. Upon arrival we went for a walk down to the lake and in a little pocket park before the days briefing and dinner.