We had planned to drive back through San Antonio on our way west but our friends convinced us to drive through the valley and go by way of US 90. We did and weren't sorry. We camped in a lovely state park on a lake in Laredo. Laredo is no longer the quite small Texas border town immortalized by Marty Robbins in "The Streets of Laredo" and we didn't visit any of the nearby attractions. We walked and did some grocery shopping. The next day we headed west and stopped at the even nicer Seminole Canyon State Historic Park. While driving between Laredo and Seminole Canyon we passed through a small town with a primarily Hispanic population and were surprised to see a children's clinic called "Yelled Shalom". "Yelled" is the Hebrew word for child and "Shalom" the Hebrew word for peace as my father would say "ver vass- who knows?". We had a beautiful walk at Seminole Canyon State Historical Park and met another New Horizon couple. We were there on Monday and guided canyon walks are conducted on Wednesday, So we could only look into the Canyon from above and didn't see the ancient pictographs and rock paintings We did however see the ruins of an old rail line and the oven used to bake bread by the construction crews.

In the morning we drove over the Pecos River stopped at Langtry and visited the Judge Roy Bean museum. The museum had some state of the art animated displays which told the story of the "Law West of the Pecos" and his love affair with the British singer Lilly Langry. He never met Miss LIlly as she didn't visit Langry until after the Judge had died. The only reason she did visit even then was her curiosity st being told that the town had been named after her. The railroad company, however, claimed the town had been named after one of its foremen. Some of you may remember the Paul Newman movie about the "hanging" judge and his idiosyncratic ways. Despite his reputation he never did hang anybody.