Tsitsikamma to Jeffreys Bay 113.8 KM (71Mi)

In the morning several of the people on our trip went for a zip line ride, we on the other hand went for a hike up the side of the mountain. Upon our return we ate breakfast and drove a short distance to the Big Tree a large 800 year old tree.

Big TreeBig Treebig tree

After that we continued driving to Jeffreys Bay. The surfers, and I know of at least one, reading this must have heard of Jeffreys Bay because it is known as one of the best international sites for surfing. Unfortunately I didn't know that at the time and missed an opportunity to photograph surfers in action. Debby, on the other hand went for a beach walk and saw several surfers. About an hour later we both went for the same beach walk and the waves had subsided so no surfers were present.

Camoing near Beach


beach ?StructureBeach Structure