Cape Agulhas to Riversdale 196Km 122Mi, Feb. 28, 2011

On our drive from L'Aguilas to Riversdale we drove into Bontebok National Park for our first National Park self drive. Many of the other people in our tour group were disappointed in this park. In hindsight looking back from the vantage of the finished trip and visits to other parks this might be understandable but at the time it was a pleasant drive and we did see some wild animals. Debby and I were also able to take a brief walk in the park and we almost got lost doing it. after the walk we stopped at a beautiful picnic area and saw several animals including Bontebock, Ostrich, Hartebeest and a bird which seemed to resemble the anhinga which is seen only in Florida. Later on in the trip I purchased both a mammal and bird guide book and we learned it was probably an African Darter.

BontebackHerd of Bontebok


Bonteback NPBonteback NP

Bonteback NPDarter