Knysna to Tsitsikamma 92 Km (56Mi)

Tsitsikamma National Park was the first national park we actually camped in and the second park we visited. This park is known for it's sceanery not it's wildlife. Although there was some wildlife in the campground.


The park is located on a sliver of land between the rocky ocean coastline and a mountain, although the mountain is part of the park and quite hikable with two paths one of which we climbed the next morning.

TsitsikammaBeachrocky coast

Another of the parks striking features is the Storm River Suspension bridge. As soon as we settled into our spot we walked out to the suspension bridge where we passed a lone seal off shore and some baboons in a tree.

suspension  bridgeGorgesuspension Bridge

Upon our return to the campground we saw a pod of dolphins feeding just off shore.


That night we went to dinner in the park restaurant and was able to get onto the intenet for the first time since leaving CapeTown.