After our one day trip to Kodachrome State Park we drove back past Kodachrome and continued on Utah Highway 12 to Bryce Canyon National Park.
Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon. A canyon is depression cut by a river or ice during the last ice age. Bryce is a plateau overlooking some spectacular scenery. The Mormon's called the Canyon behind Ebenezer Bryce's home Bryce's Canyon and the name stuck. Those of you who have been here know that words can't describe it and those who haven't need to go. In the words of  Ebenezer Bryce  "It's a hell of a place to look for a lost cow"

It also has pine trees on  top of the plateau which was a pleasant site to us after our sojourn in the desert.


While at Bryce we walked on the "Under The Rim" trail

To the right, left and in  front of us were sharp drop off's, but the scenery including the wind exposed roots is spectacular.


We did a lot of walking. The pictures below are from the most popular trails in the park. Unfortunately you start by walking down, when you get to the bottom you turn around and come back up.

Even though we aren't in Florida we got to see Alligators. The tourists think the Park Service puts
concrete on top of the Hoodoos but it's just a harder rock that doesn't erode as fast as the red
layers under it.

We got to one place on the trail and waited for the game to start but it wasn't Sunday and the teams never arrived.

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