While touring Grand Canyon National Park we came across the history and works of a famous
lady. Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter designed several buildings for the Fred Harvey Company. The
Fred Harvey Company provided hotel and food service to Grand Canyon visitors. Several of the
buildings she designed can still be seen in the Park.


Mary Colter went to work for the Fred Harvey Company as an architect at a time when there
were few architects and women were not even allowed to be licensed. Mary Colter had to design
buildings under the supervision of a man who was licensed and also worked for the Fred Harvey
Company. When most American Architects were copying the European style she designed
buildings to fit in to the landscape and history of the people who lived there.


Lookout Studio

The Watchtower at Desert View.

Hermit's Lodge

The inside of Hermit's Lodge

Mary Colter also designed Phantom Ranch. (A hotel)
Sorry. I do not have a picture of Phantom Ranch, which is at the bottom of the canyon, about 10 miles from the rim. Maybe next time. There are two ways down, donkeys which I don't trust and feet which I do trust. Just remember, feet that go down must in this case come up. I know that many of you are thinking helicopter. Unfortunately they only allow helicopters to evacuate the sick and injured. Everything from supplies and equipment to Rangers and Ranch staff must use donkeys or feet.

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