We left Mojave and drove to California's Red Rock Canyon State Park in what is known as high desert.

They made a lot of movies here. In the office there is a picture of Gregory Peck with a ranch house behind him instead of the "outhouse". the movie was called the "Big Country". It was supposed to be Montana but you can see it was California.

While we were at Red Rock Canyon we visited Trona Pinnacles which Richard tells me were used for a Star Trek episode but non of it looked familiar to me.


Back in Red Rock Canyon you might recoignize the red cliffs from various movies or in black and white as the "Planet Mongo" from the "Flash Gordon" Series.

After visiting this interesting and windy movie set we drove down into Antelope Valley to join about a thousand of our fellow RV'ers for a week of attending seminars, dance classes and socializing called an Escapade for the Escapees RV Club.

While there we took the opportunity to visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve.

As you can see the Poppys were in full bloom.

We also weighed the trailer (each wheel) separately and found that we were 600 pounds overweight on the first axle while the trailer and truck were essentially within the allowable limits. Talk about going on a diet

After the Escapade we drove back to LA where Susan joined us and we all attended the "Seders" at Richard's house.

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