We left Las Vegas for the second time and drove a few hours to Cattail Cove State Park on the Colorado River in Arizona. It is a pretty little park nestled in a hollow formed by several hills on the river.

Despite the Colorado River flowing by this is still desert.

While we had been in the desert almost all winter we had never before seen it bathed in the color of Spring flowers.

We also took this opportunity to visit Lake Havesu City, Arizona which was just up the road.

In the 1970's when London Bridge was really falling down a Lake Havesu city resident with about ten million dollars to spare decided to buy, and move London Bridge to Lake Havesu City where it was moved brick by brick. Today Lake Havesu City is a well know Spring break site as well as the home of the

I was disappointed. Never having been in London, I was looking forward to seeing the bridge, cobblestones and all just as it appeared in all the Sherlock Holmes stories. There are no cobblestones, which makes this just like any other bridge.

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