On January 15,2003 we passed our 6 month anniversary. We didn't celebrate or do anything differently but it is important to note that we are still talking to each other. Some of you might be interested in our expenses for the period so I have listed listed them.
Campgrounds include our nightly fees which run from $10 an night at some National Parks to $37.44 at the KOA in Billings, Montana.
Propane provides heat hot water and runs the electric generator
Trailer maintenance includes annual maintenance and a new set of batteries
Truck Service includes manufacturers recommended service including oil changes as well as painting of the wind deflector and louvered tailgate. We have driven approximately 15,000 miles.
Dining includes our visits with our  kids when we are not with them we don't eat out often.
Entertainment includes the digital camera I bought magazine subscriptions, books and attraction admission as well as the National Park Pass and the Golden Age Passport.
Miscellaneous includes RV Driving School and other incidentals that don't easily fit into any categories.
Telephone includes out two cell phones and not the phone back home.
Other costs not included because they were paid prior to our trip include the approximately $80,000 we paid for the truck and trailer in September 1999 and insurance $356 trailer insurance we paid earlier in the year as well as $788 for auto insurance and $79 for roadside assistance also paid earlier in the year.

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