We left Santee and Drove to San Dimas in the LA area and camped for three nights in the East Coast Recreational Vehicle Park (no relation to our East Coast). While camping there we attended RV driving school. Actually the instructor, a retired truck driver from the RV Driving School came to us and instructed us while we drove around in our own truck and trailer. We both took turns driving the truck trailer combination. This was the first time that Debby drove the truck with the trailer attached. After the two day school we left East Coast and the coyotes we saw and the mountain lions we didn't (a mother and her cubs had been sighted in the area). We then went to Malibu Creek State Park in Calabases, California. When we got there I allowed myself to become distracted by an unrelated incident and had a meeting with a large bolder which I moved from its location by the road.

Unfortunately I also damaged the trailer at the same time.

This is not the first time I have done something dumb like this. In fact when we had the truck repaired in Flagstaff we had the wind deflector painted to match the truck a week later when hooking up I forgot to raise the deflector and smashed it against the trailer. The trailer wasn't damaged but the deflector was cracked. I repaired it with fiberglass but it doesn't look as good anymore. So far I haven't decided what to do with the trailer but my meeting with the rock doesn't seem to have affected function. I wish I could figure out a way to alert myself when I am in a non functional mode. Its like nodding out but continuing to function. It's not like sleep walking it's just that some of the important routines necessary for proper operation, like looking in the mirror when making certain turns on a narrow campground road are forgotten. The cause isn't important. It's just that I was focusing on something other then what I should have been. I suspect that some of you understand what I am saying while the others will never understand. I have been diagnosed and inherited my ADD from one of my kids but I suspect that my mother had something to do with it. The only saving grace at my age is the memory that I was this way as a child, teenager, young and middle aged adult. Not that I am old but I haven't grown out of it. I would like to say that I found a way to keep it from happening or that it wouldn't bother me as much when it does but I can't. I am sure as are those who "grock" me and "IT" that "IT" will happen again. ("grock" is a form of heavier synonym for "know" that science fiction fans of Robert Heinline fully understand).

Despite the mishap I am not sorry we came to Malibu Creek. It's real camping. Well we are in our trailer, not under the stars or in a tent but it's close as there are no hook ups. We still have our hot water, furnace, lights a flush toilet and a generator to replenish the batteries and it's not like our tent days or even our pop up days but none the less it's different then a campground with all the hookups.

After we got settled we took a short 1 mile walk to the Visitors Center and Rock Pool. The center was closed until the weekend but the pool was picturesque and we enjoyed the walk.

The next morning we took a walk into the past.

Some of you may recognize these mountains.

I didn't but I was never a  MASH fan.

The studios even left some junk sitting around or the State planted the vehicles to make the site interesting I prefer the former explanation.

The State bought the property from several studios and many films or parts thereof were made here including "How Green was my Valley" and "Planet of the Apes" as well as "MASH".

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