On March 17, we left Debby's cousin in St Mary's lake and went up to Jacksonville and the Mayo Clinic for a check up. On April 1 st we left Jacksonville heading up to New Jersey. Although our home still hadn't sold there was nothing there for us so we went to a county Park in Morris County about an hour from Fair Lawn. From there we went to Susan's house where we stayed on April 5, we went and set up the trailer in Susan's driveway and stayed there until  April 27 when we went to Washington DC for a march then back to Jersey where we hung around for a wedding and then on May 17 th we headed up to Visit Michael in Wisconsin before heading up to Fargo, ND and into Canada for a trip to Alaska


We returned from Alaska in September 2006 and worked our way down the coast visiting Crater Lake NP on the way to California. Unfortunately I did not write or if I did I can't find any records between our return to
the States , Our Winter sojourn in the West or our trip to Florida  for a family event and subsequent return to New Jersey.

92 We winter in Florida for the Winter of 2005-2006

93 Alaska