Winter 2017

During the Summer of 2016 we spent a month in Canada with a week each in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec before coming down to an Escapade in Vermont.  It was a great trip and someday I will probably write about it especially the Rideau Canal. We followed the Escapade with a visit to the Queechie Gorge and a week in Lake George before heading for Connecticut to pick up our grandchildren Ariel and Tyler for a week at a farm campground in New Jersey.  Beginning in May when we were coming up from Florida we broke down in Maryland.  From that point on and it seemed as if we were breaking down or having other truck problems on a weekly basis. Maybe it wasn't weekly but it did seem as if we couldn't rely on the truck to get us where we wanted to go. Previously we had decided that when it didn't pay to fix the truck we would hang up the keys. Since Debby wanted to go to the Rose  Bowl and the Truck was unreliable we decided to buy a new truck.

Us and our New
            Truck a 2016 Dodge Ram 5500

Prior to our departure however we had to have the air bags replaced or we probably wouldn't have made it to Indiana to pick up the new truck.  In addition we had another problem that came and went with regard to power loss that only seemed to happen while I was driving and I suspect when it was cold. As it turned out  nobody could find or even be sure there was a problem. Well that problem got worse as we headed for Indiana in October making us feel that we would not get there but get there we did. We bought the new truck a 2016 Ram 5500 and traded in the Ford. From there we took a run up to Wisconsin  to visit with Michael and then headed for Concordia Missouri to have some work done on the trailer.  Unfortunately we got our wires crossed and the bulk of the work couldn't be done till the spring and the parts for what could wouldn't be in till the following week. So we took a three day drive to FT Collins, Colorado to see  our other grandchildren Jesse and Leah.

Us with
            Grandchildren Jesse and Leah

We then returned to Concordia had some of our work done and headed West again

Las Vegas, The Rose Bowl and More

Santee Lakes, Joshua Tree, the Date Ranch,Amargosa Valley and Tecopa Springs

Soshone, CA

Amargosa Opera House and Ash Meadow NWR