From the Badlands we went to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Another of National Geographic 200 greatest State Parks but this one is also in "The Complete Guide to Americas National Parks" the official guide book by the  Congressionally Chartered National Parks Foundation. It's the place to camp when visiting Mount Rushmore.

We were going to go on Thursday but his Holiness George the II was there so we went on Friday.

We also visited the Crazy Horse Memorial a work in progress,

which when done will dwarf Rushmore,

Wind Cave National Park is also nearby. We walked and stooped our way on a guided tour of some of the 104 miles of discovered cave

Richard called while we were on a hike. Invariably our cell phones don't work in the campgrounds but do work about one or two miles into the woods.

Custer has a wildlife loop road which we drove to see the wildlife as you can see they do not respect the rules of the road.

We also visited the most awesome Mammoth dig site. The scientists working the site a had building built over the site which was a sink hole in the distant past in order to protect the 51 Ice Age Mammoths trapped and preserved there . They provide tours in order to cover the costs of excavation and preservation. It's my understanding that this dig  has been on the Discovery Channel so some of you who may have seen it on TV.

And we saw some interesting natural rock formations along a road called "The Needles Highway"

The trip is continued at:
 Devil's Tower and Yellowstone

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