The next morning Sunday May 19th we continued west and north to Bayard, Nebraska the location of Chimney Rock and Pioneer Crossing Campground a small full hook up campground overlooking Chimney Rock National historic Site.

Chimney Rock

After setting up we walked the mile on the road to the visitors center. We had been advised to go past the visitors center to see the back of the rock it was a longer walk then we wanted to do so we put it off for the next day. Unfortunately the next day it rained and it was a muddy road so we never did get to the back. In stead we drove to Bridgeport, NE a larger town then Bayard for groceries, propane and DEF (required diesel additive for diesel engines). The rain continued the next day in fact the rain turned to snow. In addition worse there were storm warnings in Crawford, NE where we were headed to Fort Robinson State Park. As a result we called the park and told them we would come up on Wednesday then I paid for another night in Pioneer Crossing.
snow on truckWinter
        catches us

On Wednesday we drove to Fort Robinson it was a mostly dry drive although in the higher elevations everything around us was white.When we got to the park and checked in I had trouble getting into our reserved spot. in fact i ended up off the side of the road needing four wheel drive to extricate myself.
going off road

 I also unknowingly turned the lift suspension switch on dumping the air in the tank causing unhitching problems. I didn’t realize this and thought the lift broken when I called Classy Chassis our truck aftermarket  builder for advice and explained the situation Tom Martin the owner immediately told me to check the switch.

That afternoon we had time to visit the trail side museum and see two  Mammoth Mastodon skeletons locked in a death struggle. One of the Mastodon's had a damaged tusk when that Mastodon fell the other  Mastodon's Tusk was locked into it and could not be extracted as a result both died on the spot locked in their death struggle.
Mastodon's locked
        in deathDeath Struggle

We also had time to go to the Fort Historical museum and learn the history of the fort through a video  and see pictures and period uniforms  as well.

Calvery SaddleCalvery

After the museum we walked by some of the forts historical buildings which are now rented for visitor lodging You can see the snow on the hills in the background

Hills behind fort

Thursday we got a slow start and then walked on the White River Rail Trail.
White River TrailView from White River

 Following our trail walk we visited to an officers family quarters in an adobe building and photographed the memorials to Crazy Horse who was killed by an over zealous trooper when he tried to escape.

Crazy Horse
        memorialCrazy Horse Memorial and Sacred site .

Friday we drove to the Toadstool Rocks and Bison Kill  when we got to the dirt road leading to the site a sign said Closed so we turned around and went back , parked outside the park at the Golf Coarse and walked back to the park on the White River trail almost got to where the trail started in the park  but decided we had had enough and turned around. That night we went to the Parks restaurant for dinner. I had a bison steak followed by apple pie ice cream and coffee.



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