Saturday morning we got up ate breakfast, hooked up and drove to the Cheyenne, Wyoming KOA. GPS wanted me to drive on a dirt road but I ignored it and it eventually adjusted. We saw several Pronghorns along our ride.
 We went to walk on the Cheyenne Greenway and that night we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. Food was good and tasty but we have never had portion sizes that big in a Thai restaurant. The next day we got to walk on a different part of the Greenway before the rains came. Unfortunately it wasn’t just rain. We were blasted by golf ball size hail. When the storm stopped the toppers had several holes, one of our vent fans also had a hole. When I when up on their roof to tape the cover I saw that my truck driver side mirror had a hole in it but otherwise seemed ok.
Truck Mirror

When the sun came out several days latter we found that the truck also had some fist size dents on the bumper, the hood and the cab. On Monday we went to breakfast at a diner and met my cousin the Rabbi in the Cheyenne Jewish Center and his wife. I had never met him although we met his mother and aunt a few years ago. After breakfast they took us over to see the synagogue. We drove back on some snow or hail covered roads.

The  next day we got on the road early but quickly ran into rain that turned to snow. Driving was no fun in snow  and fog. Fortunately it was only raining when we left I 80 for 289 the scenaric drive to the Tetons and Yellowstone. For most of the road it's called the Chief  Wahakie Trail but it’s just as scenic. It was still raining when we got to Lander, Wy but stopped the next day. On Wednesday we were able to go to the Sink State Park in Wind Canyon. The river goes into a cave runs underground and goes a 1/4 mile before coming out.

river goes


sinkdown river

We went back to they campground and the next day drove to Dubois KOA. After setting up we drove to the fish hatchery and then several miles on a dirt road through the Whiskey Basin wildlife management refuge. Unfortunately we didn’t see any wildlife although we saw some domesticated horses by the side of the road.


 We returned to the campground and went for a walk in town and on the river.

River sideRiver
The next morning we walked in town and went to breakfast in the Cowboy Cafe. While walking we saw signs for a Pack Horse race for Saturday morning. Since we only had 80 miles to go on Saturday we asked for a late check out. Then we went to the National Mountain Sheep Center. We finished our walk by walking on the River walk again and then went into the Center for an informative tour. It’s a small museum but we watched some video interviews and a short movie.

town statues
        honoring cowboysTown sculpture honoring cowboys

dirt streets in

Saturday we got up eat breakfast and got ready to leave. Then we walked back to the park where the race was to  be held and watched the first part of the race. There were four teams of two riders and one pack horse each. The riders had to set up camp, a tent, and unsaddle their horses, unload the pack horse and remove the pack. When the race started they had to take down and fold the tent load the pack horse and saddle their horses and go out on a 7 mile course. Trotting only ft for no galloping. Upon their return they unsaddled their horses unpacked the pack horse, rested  the horses for 15 minutes and did it all again.

Setting up for
        pack horse racesetting up for Pack horse race

finished setting up tentready to

Riding outReturning after first part
Riding out                                                                                                     Returning

At that point we left, returned to the trailer and headed for Grand Teton National Park.


Grand Teton National Park

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