On the 21st we drove to the Falling Waters campground in West Virginia. In past years we had driven down the coast. This year we decided to drive down inland before heading to the coast in North Carolina.
After a night in Falling Waters we drove to Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive for a three night stay without hook ups. Most people who visit Shenandoah from the North as we did enter the drive and park at Front Royal but when your towing  a 13 foot 6 inch trailer you can’t go under the 12 foot 8 inch Mary’s Rock tunnel  between Front Royal and Big Meadow campground where we camped for the tree nights without hook ups. It was raining when we got off I81 in Harrisonberg, Virginia and drove on US 33 otherwise known as the Spotswood Trail to Swift Run Gap where we picked up Skyline Drive and Drove 15 miles north to the campground. visibility was not the greatest in the rain. Fortunately the rain let up when we go to the campground so setting up was not a problem; although, setting up without hook ups is a lot easier  as there are no water and sewer hoses to connect but the electric line must be plugged into the generator in order to obtain electricity.

Big Meadows CampgroundTruck and trailer in big meadow camp ground

for those of you who have never driven Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive this is Big Meadow which has been kept as a natural meadow first by the Native Americans then by the Mountain folks and now the National Park Service
Big Meadow

We had been to Big Meadow before when our kids were still home and possibly once more when we had the New Horizon trailer prior to 2008. That Night we went to the lodge for dinner and then settled in for the night. The next day we Drove Past Lewis Mountain and walked on the … Pocosin Trail. It was,the volunteer at the visitors center said,  a fire road but after the first 3/4 mile it was very rough and of course downhill. None the less we reached the Presbyterian  Ministry ruins  passing an Adirondack trail cabin before returning to the car.

Pocosin TrailApalachian trail Cabin

Cabin ruinsMynistry ruins

Later that afternoon we walked the Story of the Forest Trail from the camp ground and encountered numerous deer.before returning for dinner in the trailer.

Story of the


The next day we drove to Mile 41.7 near Skyland a resort area that predates the park and hiked up to the summit of Stony Man Mountain

Stony Man Mountain Trailsummiot
        of Stony Man Mountain

Upon our return we stopped at the Fishers Gap overlook and I took some pictures of the area where we had almost gotten lost on our last visit to the park when the kids were teenagers. (kids this is for you LOL)

Fisher's GapTrail

After a great 3 day stay in Shenandoah National Park we to Fort Chiswell just down the road for a two night stay and walked on the New River Rail Trail.

New River Rail
        TrailAbandoned Farm

Debby at trail depotshot tower
The Shot Tower essentially molten lead dropped from the top of the tower into cold water formed shot AKA bullets.

After a pleasant 2 day stay in Ft Chiswell we hooked up the trailer and drove to Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, North Carolina about 10 miles south of Winston Salem. Debby’s cousin Marvin and his wife Linda live in Germonton just north of Winston Salem and we were there to visit them. we had a lovely visit and went to an Indian restaurant for dinner before returning to their home to continue our catching up. The next day we hung around Tanglewood park and walked along the River walk and on the paved park walking trails.

In the morning we got up planning to drive about 250 miles of our remaining 750 mile trip but it was raining so we continued driving close to 400 miles to Brunswick, Georgia, Exit 29 near Jekyll Island and the Coastal Georgia Campground for the night. The next day we decided to drive the entire remaining 350 miles to Lake Worth and John Prince park arriving one day earlier then expected.

We spent the next 4 days unloading the trailer and bringing stuff to our Boynton Beach Condo. Among the things were files, albums and items from our former house in Fair Lawn, NJ. Things that had been stored in our daughter Susan’s house since we had sold ours in 2006. On Monday we took the trailer to storage and walked the two miles to the condo returning with the car for one last load.

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