Spring and Summer 2019

After sixteen years on the road living in our fifth wheel trailer we bought a Condo in 2018 and had been living in it since the end of December. On Monday April 28,2019 we took the truck and trailer out of storage and moved them to John Prince Park Campground. That night we slept in the condo and the next day we took everything we wanted for our trailer life and moved back into the trailer. The next morning May 1st we went to Payne’s Prairie State Park in Micanopy near Gainesville. On May second we left Florida possibly too early in the season non the less we traveled through 27 States before returning to Florida. We experienced snow in Nebraska and  hail stones as big as golf balls as well as snow in Wyoming. It was 104 in Las Vegas where we were only about 150 miles from an earthquake. we traveled to some for us old places and some places we had never been to before and we visited more relatives then we ever did in our previous travels.

It took us five days to reach Concordia, Missouri and the Spacecraft factory. We arrived and found it quite crowded in the parking lot people were there for repairs and to pick up new rigs. None the less our refrigerator and air conditioner were replaced first thing Monday morning. The water pump hadn’t come in yet and was installed on Tuesday after which we moved down the road to Grain Valley just East of Independence. Prior to our leaving Spacecraft Debby’s Kindle died.  We called Amazon and they promised two day delivery. One of the employees offered to drop it off on his way home in Blue Springs the next town after Grain Valley.

Concordia, Missouri is at Exit 58 off I70 none the less it is quite rural. I didn't expect much when I looked on Yelp for local restaurants. To say I was pleasantly surprised at what I found is an understatement. On Wednesday night we went to the restaurant I had found in Higginsville, Mo population 4600  Belarussian Baker for dinner and I posted the following on; Yelp, Trip Advisor and Rvillage.

Many people including RV’ers collect antiques or things my wife and I collect eating experiences. We were just in Concordia, MO at the Spacecraft factory for a new refrigerator and air conditioner for our 11yearold fifth wheel. Even that close to Kansas City the area is pretty rural so not a lot of restaurants. I looked at Yelp and found The Belarussian Baker in Higginsville. Not a lot of reviews but as i said it’s rural so i wasn’t surprised. Since my wife’s grandparents were from Belarus like early last century and my dad was from a neighboring country we had to go. it’s in a house and reservations are required. It’s family run place with a limited menu. we let the owner/cook order for us and weren’t disappointed, we had beet soup, borscht, stuffed cabbage, meat blintz (crapes) and cheese blints to die for havn’t had homemade food like that in a very long time. dessert was home made ice cream and coffee. The price was an embarrassment. If your near Kansas City or pass this way don’t miss it

On Mother's Day Sunday May 12th we hooked up and continued out trip West

Kansas and Nebraska

Debby at the zoo

Buffalo Bill, Union Pacific Railroad and the largest Train yard in the world

going off road unintentially
It's a good thing I have four wheel drive

Chimney Rock, Fort Robinson and the Mastodon's

Hail breaks the mirror arm

When the golf ball size hail hits


Home in Flagg Ranch

Home Sweet home one of them anyway

Grand Teton National Park

Salt Lake City and the Mormon Family History Center

Bilboa Baggins
Mail Call

Larkspur. San Rafael, San Francisco and Bilbo Baggins

Won't you be my naighbor?
No! we didn't see Jeff Goldblum

Hollywood RV Park, LA, Santee, San Dimas

Ham, The First Astronaut
R.I.P Ham

Las Vegas, White Sands and Ute Lake

On the Ashes of my fire is this
          city built
Matt Dillon? Wyatt Earp?

Dodge City

Springfield, Il and Madison Wi

Niagara Falls and Croton Point Park

Back to Florida by way of Shenandoah National Park

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