From Salt lake city we continued on I80 through Nevada Stopping twice in Nevada at the same campgrounds we had stopped in on our way to Yellowstone in 2014. We had some tire difficulty coming down from the Donner Pass on I80 in California and had to pull over twice to let the tires cool down as pressure was climbing into alarm territory. It didn’t help that the outside temperature was over 100 degrees. None the less we arrived at the Marin Park campground in Larkspur. After settling in I called my cousin and we went to their San Raphael home from where we walked to a nice Thai Restaurant where we had eaten on previous visits.

On Wednesday the adjuster came to evaluate our damaged vehicles. We went to the post office Trader Joe and Vitamin Shoppe and walked in the wet lands behind the Campground.
Corte Medera
        WetlandSan Quenton
In case you didn't know that is San Quenton across the wetland
bilboa BaginsPond

On Thursday we went to my cousins to meet her newest grandson followed by an interesting walk in the neighborhood with her husband. We returned to the campground and walked on an awesome bike path with a traffic circle and unbelievable tunnel.
bike pathbicycle
        traffic circleBike Path Tunnel

On Friday we walked to the Larkspur Ferry and went into San Francisco.

Golden Gate
After an unsuccessful search for the buried ship Rome.
why the Rome? There is no particular reason it's just one of the buried ships under the streets of San Francisco and I thought it would be easy to fined. It wasn't. Most people don't know about San Francisco's buried ships even people living in and near San FRancisco. I first learned
about the buried ships when I read a young adult book called "Long Warf" by Howardf Pease and recently I read about them in "Bound for Gold" a 2018 book by best selling author William Martin who writes historical fiction. san Francisco bay from the current shoreline what is  known as the Embarcadero  inland to around the iconic TransAmerica Pyramid building was not very deep. Many ships came in search of Gold. Crews even officers jumped ship abandoning the ships in the harbor. When scuttled with keels on the bottom many decks were awash on the surface. Over time the ships were buried as land fill was dumped in the harbor extending the San Francisco land area. when a ship is discovered a plaque is placed on the sidewalk above the ship much in the way this plaque honoring Captain  Liedesdorff was placed in the sidewalk. The captain was a noted merchant and nfluential citizen of early San Francisco

Captain Leisdorff

National Park Service Map of Buried Ships

buried ships

We continued down the Embarcadero to Pier 39 the seals and nearby Lefty store.

Pier 39

 from there we went to the National Maritime Museum Visitors Center returned to Boudin’s for bread soup bowls and then to Ghirardelli for ice cream before returning to the ferry and the campground. On Saturday we went to my cousins and the four of us walked to brunch at Bogie’s 2 . On our return my cousin and I discussed genealogy Debby read and here husband worked on his garden. Upon our return to the campground we walked a little past the ferry terminal before returning to thew campground for the evening.

Larkspur Ferry

On Sunday Father Day we went for a walk and got lost on the return needing the cell phone map to find our way back. Upon our we went to Debby’s cousin in Berkley for a great visit with him his wife and one of his son’s who had driven down from Sacramento for the day. We had a traditional backyard barbecue dinner. It was really a great visit but believe me you don’t want to drive a truck like ours on the Berkley streets and hills. Don't even ask me about parking because that is a whole nother story; on the other hand we survived.


Hollywood RV Park, LA, Santee, San Dimas

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