Upon our return we sort of hung around the West Coast for the remainder of 2008  alternating between California and Arizona.

Then in the Spring of 2009 we headed North through Oregon  and Washington and back up to the Canadian Rockies. This time we went to the Calgary Stampede then to Drumhellor and Dinosaur Provincial Park before heading East and returning to the States on July 13. Although we went to Florida in the Fall  and Winter of 2010 returning to the New York Metropolitan area for the Summer and Fall there are no more entries until December when we got to Dockweiler Beach State Park on December 2, 2010.

97 California and Arizona deserts as well as our trip north through Oregon and Washington

98 Canadian Rockies and our Second Trip to Banff and Jasper

99 Calgary Stampede

100 Drumhellor

101 Dinosaur Provincial Park