On June 6th we left Calgary and drove about 80 miles to Drumheller also in Alberta, Driving through the Alberta plains with Canola fields to the right and left of us.

The road suddenly went down and we entered a ditch that stretched miles before us, the Alberta Badlands

Some friends had told us about the Alberta bad lands and the dinosaurs that had been found there. Upon arrival we visited the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Center. Unfortunately it was raining so we had to return the next morning for the short bad lands interpretive walk.

After the walk we drove the 48 kilometer North Dinosaur trail which included a stop at the Horse Thief Canyon overlook,

We passed a very unique church and even though we are Jewish attending services seemed appealing but since it wasn't Sunday there were none and the church was closed

and a trip across the Red Deer river ferry for our return to Drumhellor.

On the other shore we stopped at another overlook

then went to see a suspension bridge and the hoodoos


before going to the Atlas Goal Mine Museum. I was particularly interested in the information about Labor and strikes. So we visited the little museum at the mine.

and we visited the mine,

rode in a coal train which transported Men and dynamite (not on the same trip) into the mine and coal out

and went up into the Tipple (train loader).

You can't do any of this in the United States folks. Canada seems more daring and less concerned about injury (which doesn't seem to happen ) and law suites.

On our return we also stopped at the visitors center to see the large dinosaur model actually the town mascot


and took a short walk along the river.

On June 8, 2009 we hooked up and continued east to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Upon arrival we walked the introductory trail, drove and later walked the loop road as well as the trail.


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