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Start of Trip and International Peace Garden 5 drive to Thompson, MB, ----- Day 7 - 10 Churchill, MB and the Polar Bears ----- Day 12 drive to Grand Rapids, MB ----- Day 13 -15 drive to and visit Winnipeg

Day 3, International Peace Garden to Dauphin, MB 165 Miles

(Canada uses Kilometers especially speed limits so I watched the inner dial and if you think that's easy think again)

The next morning October 1st, Debby and I got an early start. In anticipation I had filled up with water and dumped the night before, as a result we were able to pull out shortly after the Wagon Master. We drove to the Canadian Border station and presented our papers and informed the officer that I had a can of Bear assault spray. He looked at the can, Bear Assault Spray is acceptable pepper spray is not. Don't ask me the difference because I don't know. He asked where we were going and how long we expected to be in Canada. We answered his questions, I suspected the Wagon Master had informed him of the group and he waved us on our way. We drove on up the road 15 miles passing Boissevain and on up another 43 miles to Brandon, Manitoba's second largest city after Winnipeg. In Brandon we pulled into a large shopping center and went to Safeway. Yes the same company that's in the USA but they have awesome 5 pound packages of unsalted peanuts. We also bought fruit since we couldn't cross the border with fresh fruit and we went to the Bank for some Canadian dollars. While people would probably take American dollars the exchange rate wouldn't be favorable outside the bank. After our short stop we continued towards Dauphin. We drove through several small towns and at mile 122 we entered Riding Mountain National Park. There is no fee for just driving through and at mile 155.5 we exited the park and continued on the same road to Dauphin. Once there we went directly or not so directly because we missed the turn to Vermillion Park Campground. A rather pleasant Municipal park campground with electric and water. After being guided into a site, hooking up both the electric and water we unhooked the trailer and drove back a few miles to the Co-op Gas station.


Instead of Twin Pines we have the Canadian Maple Leaf

While we were there another trip member was filling up, after he pulled out one of the attendants came out and asked if he was on the same trip with us (we all had Fantasy RV decals with our number on them) I said yes and was told that his credit card hadn't gone through so if I didn't send him back they would have to get out the tapes and trace him. This of course was said in an amused tone and very low key as he didn't expect me to refuse or him to fail to return. I pulled out of the gas station planning to catch him at the campground when i remembered we were using the CB's so I called him explained the situation and passed him with a wave as he was returning to the gas station. Somehow I don't think it would have happened so easily in the USA but again I don't understand how the pump went ahead and filled his tank if the card didn't register. Back at the campground Debby and I joined by our friend Marcy went on a nice river walk on the parks paths. This was followed by a visit to the Fort Dauphin a reconstructed replica of the first trading post. We were served tea with crumpets and home made jam by the docents followed by a self guided tour of the fort and museum. Our predecessors, on the trip that departed when we arrived at the Peace Garden had a poor experience and their wagon master called and informed ours. He contacted the President of the Fort's association and they were out in full period costumes for us with home made bread and stew in a large iron kettle. The highlight of the Fort for me anyway was the school house which was of a newer but not new era. Some of you may remember hiding under these desks in the 50's during air raid drills, Debby and I do.


We returned to the campground and that evening we went to a Ukrainian Catholic Church. In the early part of the last Century many Ukrainians settled in this part of Canada as it reminded them of the Ukraine. Interesting I wonder if the town my father came from were like Manitoba. the purpose of our visit was for a Ukrainian dinner cooked by some of the church women. The menu consisted of Stuffed Cabbage, Perogies, Borscht and Chicken. The highlights were of course the borscht and stuffed cabbage but it was not what my Mother used to make. The stuffed cabbage, while similar had no meat and the borscht was hot not cold. None the less we asked for sour cream and the ladies without being surprised provided it. Ours was the only table that finished the bowl and before we left the ladies gave us the leftovers. Dinner was followed by Ukrainian dancers a man and woman who danced several to me familiar dances. I was almost tempted to join him for the Kasatski but my days of doing it have past. On our way back to the campground Marcy, Steve, Debby and I stopped for sour cream for our borscht. The next day we got up early and continued on our trip.

Day 4, Dauphin,MB to The Pas, MB 248 Miles

Up bright and early the next morning we continued our trip heading further north in Manitoba on Hwy 10. We passed through several small towns, Ukrainian Churches and very well kept small Ukrainian cemeteries past the 53 Parallel and Lake Winnipegosis (a large lake) and crossed the bridge over the Saskatchewan River before driving through the town or city of The Pas. Actually the town is on or in a First Nation reservation as is the Aseneskak Casino which was our destination. We were planning to get fuel before getting to the casino as this was a boondocking site and we had no real need to disconnect but we were looking for an Esso station not the Shell station it turned out to be and we drove right on by. So much for not unhooking, we were guided into our site in the muddy parking lot,

parking Lot

Photo By Steven Krauss

we unhooked turned on the gas and switched the refrigerator over shutting the inverter for the time being and went back to the shell station. We returned to the casino and Debby went in for swag, two cups and a shopping bag. One of the cups is already broken and I have no idea if we will ever use the other cup. We only use extra cups when we entertain and that isn't often. With our friends we went back to explore the mall which seemed a little shabby. None the less I got two great tee shirts and used cash.


On the Left in the white strip under the word "Wikipedia" it reads (My Wife Knows Everything) On the Right under the card it reads (My Kids Think Money Grows on Trees)

Why not my Mother used to tell me that money doesn't grow on trees why shouldn't my kids believe what I did

I think we need a Bank of Mom but Debby doesn't think anyone makes that shirt


Our friend Marcy used her credit card with no repercussions but I, having been a victim of identity theft there are times I don't feel comfortable using credit cards. The most recent occasion was the week before our arrival at The Peace Garden but we arranged for a new card and it was waiting for us at the Garden. We returned to the Casino and went in for our group buffet dinner. The food was not bad and I was able to have two desserts. Actually places like this use a lot of frozen and prepared food by food supply companies such as Sysco and their main task is not to ruin the food, they didn't. For the most part we don't gamble and didn't so we went back to the trailer and read before calling it a night.

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