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RV'ing Actually Van Camping with Debby and Charlie in Australia and New Zealand

After August and our baby sitting chores we went to Mahlon Dickerson reservation in Morris County, NJ to leave the trailer while we attended a friend's daughters wedding at the Woodcliff Lakes Hilton. On Monday we returned to the trailer, met friends for dinner and made a late night visit to the emergency room. It seems that we had picked up something from our previous weeks chores and Charlie needed antibiotics. We would stop twice more on our trip across country, once in Oklahoma City for Charlie again and once in Santa Rosa , NM for Debby. The Santa Rosa hospital is the same on we had stopped at several years ago for Charlie's first Kidney stone.

On Tuesday morning we left New Jersey heading west on I80 quickly switching to I76 in Pennsylvania but didn't stop until we got to St Louis west KOA unless you count the two Flying J Gas stations we stopped and took extensive naps in. From St Louis we went to Oklahoma City, OK then Santa Rosa, NM followed by Williams, Arizona the gateway to the Grand Canyon. After leaving Arizona we completed our trip to the Valencia Travel Village in Valencia,CA for a few nights before storing our trailer and going to the LAX Doubletree Hotel on the 12th. On the 13th we were joined by the tour leaders called "wagon masters " and the rest of our tour group from Fantasy RV Tours for orientation and preparation for our trip to Australia and New Zealand.

On Sunday morning Charlie lost a crown down the sink and needed maintenance to help retrieve it. Richard drove him to a dentist who was open Sunday who sterilized it and temporally glued it back in, shortly thereafter we went to the Airport.

We left LAX at around 10:45 PM on the 14th of September and arrived at Auckland, NZ at around 5 AM on the 16thy after a 12 hour flight passing the Equator and the International Dateline on the way. We hung around the Auckland Airport for a little over an hour and took a plane to Cairns, AU arriving around 7AM. After clearing customs we got on a bus and toured the town before being deposited at our hotel. Debby, I and a friend went for a walk on the Esplanade, a several mile long park on the ocean front of Cairns Bay. I suspect that everyone else in our group took some nap time before meeting for a welcome dinner at the hotel.

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Mission Beach Resort


Mackay to Yappoon 362 km 224 Miles, Yappoon to Hervey Bay 457 km 275 mi,

Hervey Bey to Twentin/Noosa 179 km 108 mi

Twentin/Noosa to Brisbane 190 km 114mi

Brisbane to Ballina 157km 95mi and Bellina to Arawarra 183km 110mi

Arrawarra to South West Rocks 145km 87mi

South West Rocks to Karuah 283 km 170mi and Keruah to Sydney 202 km 122mi


Christchurch to Dunedin 357km 215mi

Dunedin to Te Anau 290km 175mi

Te Annau to Queenstown 173km 104mi

Queenstown to Wanaka 114km 69mi

Wanaka to Franz Joseph 288km 173mi - Franz Joseph to Westport 281km 169mi

Westport to Hammer Springs 220km 132mi - Hammer Springs to Picton, 289km 174mi,

To Picton Ferry Terminal 1.5km and by ferry to Wellington Ferry Terminal, visit Wellington and drive to Upper Hutt 36km 22mi -Upper Hutt to Napier 297km 179mi

Napier to Lake Taupo 141km 85mi

Lake Taupo to Rotorua 81 km 49mi

Rotorua to Waitomo 163km 98mi

Waitomo to Waiwera 236km 142mi, Waiera via Kauri Coast to Paihia 322 km 194mi - Paihia to KeriKeri and back to Paihia 24km each way.

Paihia to Auckland 164m 154mi

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