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Mountain Zebra National Park to Gariep Dam 245Km 152Mi

Gariep Dam to Bloemfontein 215 Km, 133MI


Obviously these two places to stop and spend the night, were just that, places between destinations where we could get off the road in comfort with hook ups. There was nothing really of interest to us although for residents they were nice resorts. Possibly the nicest campgrounds in South Africa. They certainly were among the nicest we stayed in as well and they had "On Suits". "On Suits" is where each camper gets her/his/their own comfort facilities, with shower (tub), toilet and sink just like in a motel.

ON Suit

We left Mountain Zebra and drove to The Forever Resort Caravan Park at Gariep Dam. It was essentially a strait drive with no stops except for fuel near the end of the journey. There were however frequent construction site stops and then only one lane was open for the entire site. The resort was a nice looking resort with golf and a yacht club. Most of our group went to the pool but Debby and I went for a walk where we saw some animal tracks, two Duiker and a Shepard herding the sheep.

animal tracksduikershepard

park groundsparkgrounds

That evening we lost Shore (AC) power in our rig. The Tail Gunner (local Maui Mechanic accompanying us on the trip) found a fried connection cord in the rig which he proceeded to change with a spare cord he had along. it was the same three prong cord you plug your computer in with.

The next morning before proceeding on the days trip we drove up to view the Dam. We were offered a tour but had to decline to go on the days journey.


Again we were stopped for more road construction.

road stop

The traffic leaving these stops is hectic to say the least because traffic becomes bunched and we needed to pass several trucks which go slower then we do. We also go slower then regular auto mobile traffic. In order to pass one crosses a dashed line when available and quickly passes in the on coming traffic lane. If on coming traffic and a passer meets one has to get over quickly. We didn't get into or see any accidents but there were some close calls. Sorry no pictures as I was driving.

Shortly before arriving at our days destination we stopped at a mall were we had a bite and got online at a Mugs and Bean (local cafe for salads, drinks,lite fare), shopped at a Pic'N'Pay before continuing to a gas station and our campground also a nice resort and conference center with "On Suits". After the group meeting and next day briefing Debby and I took a walk along the river.


Upon our return we again lost power but this time it was the whole resort . Power was off for about an hour before being restored.


Debby and Charlie Main Page Alaska Australia-New Zealand South Africa Table of Contents (Please visit our guest book)