Golden Gate to Howick 266Km 165MI

In the morning we hiked up the mountain behind the campground before breakfast and morning briefing.


There were two choices of route today one was the toll road and the other the Meander Route. We learned later that there are several meander routes in South Africa. Meanders offer an alternative to the highways and toll roads and provides an opportunity to patronize local businesses such as restaurants, wineries, gift shops, B'N'B's etc. Not that the meander routes are traversed at a slower pace or take longer but they are more scenic and provide a more complete picture of the country. Although we took the Meander Route we didn't stop or shop on the route itself except at the end for the Mandela Capture site and the Belgium chocolate shop. Instead we took a 40 kilometer road off the Meander Route to the Cathedral Peak in Draken National Park a World Heritage Site. Only 2 other couples joined us on this days trek as most took the main Meander. The 40 Kilometer road which we took to the park and back to the meander route at almost the same spot was hilly, narrow and passed through some rural traditional villages. We also passed several schools along the way where the students were well dressed and in different colored uniforms. Thanks to our traveling partners we have some pictures from this side trip.



Once at the park we drove to the private hotel for lunch and a very short hike before returning to the Meander Route. While the park is very remote and difficult to get to the private hotel in the park was quite up scale and luxurious.


click on the picture above to see pictures of Cathedral Peak and the park


Back on the Meander Route we passed a Winston Churchill historical site. Churchill had been in South Africa during the Boar war but we didn't stop until we got closer to the campground. While we didn't get out at the Mandela Capture site I pull over to the other side of the road and took a picture from the drivers window (remember it's on the right). Unfortunately the Memorial is worn and not very legible although not that old.

Mandela capture site

This monument was erected by the people of Howick to commemorate the site of arrest of President Nelson R. Mandela on 5 August 1962.
The plaque was unveiled by the President of the republic of South Africa on occasion of receiving honorary citizenship on 12 December 1996

From there we proceeded to the Belgium Chocolate shop for a selection of chocolates before proceeding to the campground about 2 kilometers down the road. At the campground the Wagon Master treated us to a hamburger, vegi-burger cookout.


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