On January 3, 2004  we took the trailer out of storage and headed to Florida. After traveling around South Florida on March 18 we went to Bermuda for another family function. Upon our return we headed up to Palm Beach county and remained until April 7th when we headed over and up the West Coast of Florida into Alabama and Mississippi's and the Gulf Shores National Seashore. From Mississippi we went North back through Alabama into Virginia and another family visit in Fairfax outside of Washington DC before going to New Jersey arriving May 3rd.
On June 19, We again left Fair Lawn for a trip to New Mexico to look at land traveling through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana Illinois through Iowa into Nebraska down through Colorado into New Mexico. After a hospital visit in Santa Rosa New Mexico we traveled  to Texas into Oklahoma to Missouri and up through Illinois to Wisconsin and a family visit before returning to Fair Lawn on August first.  during August we went down to the DELMARVA Peninsula to visit Assateague and Chincoteague. On October 19 we took a short trip to Shenandoah NP and back which I didn't write up. On November 17 th we again headed west and went to Harper's Ferry National Monument. From there we went into Tennessee visiting the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. We spent Thanksgiving in Little Rock visited the Clinton Library before going into Oklahoma City and down to Junction City, Kansas for more repairs on our trailer. From Kansas we drove back through Oklahoma down to Dallas, Texas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and the Rio Grand Valley through Laredo's undusty paved streets without gunmen  and Langtry where we visited Judge Roy Bean's courtroom and down into big Bend NP. We arrived in Big Bend when it was 73 degrees however it got cold when we headed up to Alpine and visited FT  Davis before heading for El Paso and New Mexico on our way to Tucson where we spent New Years eve with friends.

63. Going South

64. Florida Keys

65. Everglades National Park and The West Coast of Florida

66. Bermuda

67.Going Home

68. Alabama and Mississippi

69.Back on the Road

70. Nebraska and Colorado

71. Santa Fe, New Mexico

72. Albuquerque, Heritage Ranch and the Guadeloupe County Hospital

73. Amarillo, Tulsa, and Grant's Farm

74. Wisconsin for a Family visit

75. Assateague and the Delmarva Peninsula

76. Harpers Ferry

77. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the National Civil Rights Museam in Memphis

78. Little Rock

79. Oklahoma City Zoo and Horizon Factory in Junction City (actually Ft. Riley)

80. Dallas - Ft Worth

81. Houston - San Antonio

82. Rio Grande Valley

83. Judge Roy Bean

84. Big Bend National Park

85. Tucson and Usery Mountain