Canada Summer 2018

This summer we went to Canada again, mainly to Newfoundland with several stops in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and even 3 nights in Maine. We went to 5 National Parks, 4 in Canada and one of our favorites in the US, Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.
This turned out to be an incredible trip despite a broken refrigerator and scratched trailer finish. We are using ice again which we havn't used since our pop up days about 19 years ago. It was probably one of or our most difficult trips and it makes me wonder if buying a Condo for
our winter stays in Boynton Beach, Florida and becoming part time RV'ers wasn't premature. On the other hand it is probably for the best. Buying while we still have a choice rather then when we are too old or infirm to be on the road is a good idea. There are still Spring and Summers to enjoy our life on the road.

The last time we were in Canada we spent a month with a week in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. While in Ottawa we spent time walking on the Rideu Canal. A Canadian National Park of great historical significance. During the War of 1812 a British Officer fearing that the US would attack Canada wanted a quick way to get troops and supplies down to the Great lakes and Toronto Area. He built a Canal and Canada preserved the Canal with all it's manual locks and many manual bridges. During the summer the Canal is open to pleasure craft and tourist boats while the locks and bridges are operated by high school and college students hired by Parks Canada for the job.
manual bridge
While we were walking one of many Canal Paths we discovered to Red Adirondack chars with the Parks Canada logo overlooking the Canal. We thought this a cute touch. I am not sure if this  practice started along the Canal or elsewhere but every Parks Canada Park and Historic location seems to have them. Debby even sat in one

              ChairsDebby and Red Chair
 I even sat in one and Debby took my picture. She didn't want a picture with both of us as many people seems to do.
Charlie in Red Chair

We have also seen many other colors of Adirondack Chairs which seem to be very popular in Canada. I have no idea which came first the The Parks Canada Red chairs or the general ubiquetous use of Aidirondack Chairs. In fact I was disapointed at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia NP where we went for popovers when the Green Adirondack Chairs were missing. I have enjoyed sitting in the sun and looking out over  the pond after a hike. A waitress we spoke to indicated they had just finished a construction process on the hill beyond the Jordan Pond House in the area where the chairs used to be and she was hopeful the chairs would be restored. 

Here are a sampling of chairs we saw in Canada followed by the links to our recent trip. Come back often as I complete the pages.

              chairs overlooking green point

red chairsPuffin Chairyellow chairsfour red chairs

1. From Croton Point Park to Gros Morne National Park 

2. L'Anse Meadows National Historic and Unesco Site

3. Twillingate and Terra Nova Nationalk Park

4. Trinity and Lockstan Path

5. Hearts Content Cable Station

6. St Johns and Signal Hill

7 Witless Bay

8. Alexander Graham Bell and Lourdsbourg Historic Village

9. Cape Breton

10 Fundy National Park

11. Acadia National Park